Stuck in set up

I’m installing my stick up cam plug in and it seems to be stuck in set up mode. I’ve tried unplugging it multiple times and uninstalled/reinstalled the app a few times but I can’t past this screen. The light is constantly flashing blue.

Have you tried to do a hard “Factory Reset” on the Stick-up cam?

Hold the Orange reset button for least 30 seconds while power is on it. Before you scan the ‘code’, check to see if your phone app is still displaying this Stick-up cam and if it is still displayed, remove/delete it off your app. After you have released the orange button, the cam should enter set up mode again. Note: When the cam enters the phase of Updating it’s firmware, don’t do anything … even if it says it is ready! Wait until your phone app steps on it’s own to the next part of the step up and check the Blue Cam light is no longer flashing, … and then wait a minute longer. I’ve just had better luck waiting … I’m just guessing, but I think the firmware update can take longer than expected ( I’ve waited over 6 minutes) and I’ve had less future camera issues by waiting long enough before continuing the set up, since the firmware still might be downloading. It’s just a gut feel … at least I’ve had better luck & less future issues with my cams by waiting (I have quite a few cams).

I hope the hard reset helps you.

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Yes I’ve tried that. Even tried using another phone and it says can’t the join the setup network.

They’re sending a replacement. Thank you for your help.