Ring Wired Floodlight Pro Motion Lights Don’t Turn On

The lights of my Ring Wired Floodlight Pro do not turn on when motion I detected. The Motion Activated Lights setting under Light Settings has been turned on. The main lights toggle is off though. I didn’t turn that off. It seems to have turned off on its own at some point. Now if I switch the toggle to the on position, the light stays on constantly. But if I switch the toggle to the off position, it seems to override the motion activated lights setting and the lights stay off. Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get my lights to come on only when the camera detects motion?

Not sure I quite followed which toggles are on or off. I have the older non-pro floodight cams, but I think they are basically the same.

This is how mine are set up.

  1. On main menu, “LIGHTS” toggle is off.
  2. In Device Settings, Light Settings, “Motion-Activated Lights” toggle is on
  3. On same menu, go to “Motion Zones for Lights” menu to set zones, sensitivity, timer, duration etc.

Unless Ring changed it, which there was some discussion that they might have, the lights and the cameras are triggered separately. But the for most part, my lights turn on about a second or so after the camera triggers at night.

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