Ring Door Bell and Outside Cameras Restart Hearing Aids

I have Resound Omnia hearing aids. When viewing a history recording on the Ring app, when the window is closed, the hearing aids restart. If I just close the app completely the hearings do not restart. It’s only when finished viewing a recording by hitting the X to close the viewing window they restart. I have an iPhone 14 and it’s up to date as well as the latest Ring app. I have turned off Bluetooth in the Ring app settings, but that doesn’t seem to help. I can still hear any audio from the recording through my hearing aids. What I have done now is turn off the audio streaming ability on one of the outside cameras. It appears when there is no audio to hear the aids do not restart. This has been going on for several months and I think the developer for the Ring app needs to address and fix the issue. I should not have to do without the audio and I should not have to turn off Bluetooth just to view a recording and not have the hearing aids restart!

Hi @user34119. I have reached out to my team, and we would like to look into this further with you. Since the Community is a public forum, we do not have access to your account; therefore, we would like you to reach out to our support team on Facebook. To connect, send a personal message to @Ring. Thank you.