Neighbor states dog is reacting to the ring frequency


Our neighbor is stating that his dog is reacting to some noise frequency from our ring stick up camera. The camera is about 50 feet from his yard. Police are involved and want us to turn off the noise. We don’t hear the noise and have not seen anything that states the RING camera’s send out any frequency that would hurt a dog. We have a dog with no problems. Can some one point in the correct place to get clarification. RING are your products dog safe…


You should be talking to your lawyer about possible options.
Yours is the first I’ve heard that a dog is bothered by a Ring camera. The devices only use standard WiFi channels so maybe it’s their WiFi (just kidding).

When the Police say to “turn off the noise” did they identify on their own what was making the noise or are they just taking the neighbors word?
Another idea. Turn off your camera for a couple weeks without telling the neighbor. See if there’s a change in the dog’s behavior.
Ultimately, talk to a lawyer for your options.