Multiple Notifications for the Same Event

What is interesting is that I have inside cameras too and having rich notifications turned on is not a problem. Just one notification with the screenshot. It’s only with my doorbell. I also am on iPhone 11 with latest iOS 14.3.

Same issue. Thought it was just us and it’s been driving us both crazy. Apple watches 4 notifications / iPhones 2 notifications per event. Please fix your app.

I’m having the same problem, get a normal notification then the rich notification. After reading the support article, it reads like it’s working how ring want it to work…

In some cases, in order to ensure you receive notifications as fast as possible, you may receive multiple notifications. A regular notification to your smartphone will be sent as soon as possible and then that notification will be updated with an image.

It’a not in some cases. It’s in EVERY case! The notification isn’t updated with the image, it’s an additional notification. Devs need to look into the timing of this. Understand that notifications need to be a priority, but I’ve not know a notification with the image to not be instant!

Yep this is bugging me too. Two notifications on my iPhone each time someone uses the door! The workaround is pointless as the rich notification function is useful. Please please sort this out RING!!

Since there is no way of saying “I have this problem too” in this forum, just adding a response to say…I have this [frustrating] problem as well.

Further frustrating that Ring is suggesting it’s an issue on users’ ends and not the app, despite the number of people who are experiencing the same issue.

This, in addition to recent hardware issues I’ve been having, makes me question if Ring grew quicker than it could keep up with on the quality side. Hoping a resolution is provided soon.

I like everyone else have a real problem, which started with the recent update. Every time the motion detector triggers on front door I get multiple 5 or 6 sequential alerts on my Apple Watch. This is making the thing useless. A temporary solution is to disable smart alerts. This must be fixed soon or we will all be trashing the devices for another brand. Well done Ring / Amazon it was working fine for two years.

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Having this problem as well. It’s driving me crazy and defeats the purpose of the ring. The notifications are only set in my iPhone. I’m taking off the Rich Notifications to see if that works which really makes this great feature useless.

Anyone else also finding that they are getting a lot of notification outside of their motion zone settings?

I get double notifications every time the garage door opens and closes. It’s identical. It started doing this a few months back. My motion detection isn’t picking up my husband leaving at 3:30am every morning either, which I find strange. It should be recording him.


  1. Click on the hamburger menu (top left three lines) from Ring app.
  2. Devices
  3. Select your Ring Doorbell
  4. Device Settings
  5. Notification Settings
  6. Rich Notifications
  7. Toggle off Rich Notifications

Really wish Ring would update their site with these steps.

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You guys have got to be kidding!!! Dozens of complaints which are exactly the same concering multiple notifications that has been going on for months!!! And you mark it resolved?

Where is the solution?

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Support for this issue is inadequate and shockingly unhelpful. I’ve watched the various posts about this issue for weeks. It’s a known issue and still unresolved. I receive at least 4 alerts for the same motion event on my Apple Watch. When I called in for support a few minutes ago, the escalated advisor got into an argument with me about supporting an Apple Watch, telling me that he doesn’t work for Apple and that the best thing I can do is unpair and repair the watch to my phone. He didn’t care about my experience, didn’t show an ounce of empathy, and didn’t even try to help beyond giving me generic advice. Why am I paying for the Ring service again???

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I have been wanting to go with the nest system and this is giving me an excuse to throw my ring in the trash. I love how these low level support techs are telling us to reboot our phones.

This company isn’t ready to compete against the big boys. Throw these things in the trash and get a real solution.

Same for me, ring tech support is truly awful. Been fighting multiple problems with my ring 2 since installation. It was finally agreed to replace the unit but apparently the UK warehouse has been out of stock for a month. Hopefully will be dispatched soon, no compensation for loss of subscription service so I’ve just cancelled it. What’s the point in having the ring sub if the doorbell doesn’t even ring when pressed. Fault happened on tech call, it was logged in the app but the doorbell never rang, fortunately they heard this.

Turning off rich notifications as described in tech article has resolved my notification issue but think the software and apps on these ring devices is seriously flawed. Integration with Alexa is equally flaky, probably just return to a normal doorbell at this rate, at least you didn’t miss deliveries that way!!!