Floodlight Pro suddenly struggles to light my yard

Have had Floodlight Pro installed for a few weeks now. For the first few weeks footage recorded at night with the built-in lights on were well lit and you could easily make out what was going on. Now, is barely lighting my yard at all. I’ve checked that both lights are coming on, and nothing in terms of its location or the angle it’s facing has changed. I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures show before / after. How can I resolve this?

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Hi @stevelawrence. Are you able to angle the Floodlight Cam at all? It looks like the wall or surface in the bottom right might impact the lighting in your Floodlight Cam’s view, as the lights are reflecting off of that surface and the rest of your yard is much darker. If you’re able to reconsider the angle or placement, it may help to capture more of the yard and less of that surface so the lighting is more balanced.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, the cam is mounted horizontally and due to the design of the product this is as far “up” as I can angle it. Why was the lighting at night originally good (as shown in the first screenshot dated 24/01) and now markedly worse? Has there been a software update and if so can you roll it back?

@stevelawrence. While it has worked in the past, the surface in the bottom right is still very close to the Floodlight Cam and the light reflecting off it is likely impacting the night vision from coming on. You can try a quick reset on your Floodlight Cam by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds before setting it back up in the Ring App, just to ensure everything is running smoothly. However, you may still run into this concern due to the angle and placement of the Camera.

Hello here,

I have exactly the same problem.

Before January 26, everything was just beautiful and flawless quality.

Then, an update was done on the Ring side.

The contrast management has been reworked, but not as expected.

See for yourself.

Clearly, the night vision is horrible, but it’s nothing compared to when I turn on the lights, it’s just totally unusable, to my great regret.

Given the design of the camera, I had to orient it close to the clear wall of my house, this is obviously what makes the camera bug, I understand it perfectly.

However, this has not bothered it in the past, quite the contrary.

What is unfortunate is that I have absolutely no options in the camera to correct this, not even a simple way to change or correct the contrast.

The camera has clearly become useless to me so far since this update.

See for yourself the pictures.

What do we do now ?

Ring guys, please, do something.

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Similar results here.

The white fence washes out the car parked just on the other side.


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@Caitlyn_Ring -

The night vision is coming on. On every clip taken at night the video begins with just night vision. At this point the frame is evenly lit and you can make out the garden and the house across the street. 2 seconds into each clip the LED lights turn on and at that point you see less. The garden becomes a black hole and the house across the street is not visible at all. It is like once the light comes on it is no longer “mixing in” the night vision, i.e. the advertised HDR function is not working. As per the others in this thread, something HAS changed and needs to be looked at. I did not pay NZ$400 for this unusable footage. Below is video showing the difference between how video at night WAS prior to 26th January, and how it is now. Please let me know what Ring is going to do about this.

Like your comment, as soon as the night vision is activated, only for a few seconds it is perfect as before, then comes an ugly correction of the contrast, and we get the problem we know.

I’m surprised at how few people complain about it, and also at how few people thank Ring’s work for this improvement.

I’m also experiencing the exact same issue. Has anyone heard anything from RING on when/if a new update to fix this will be released?

@Caitlyn_Ring could you please comment?

Hey neighbors. If you find that your Floodlight Cam is having this issue despite trying the recommended troubleshooting steps in this thread, I suggest reaching out to our support team. They will be able to troubleshoot with you in real time to help diagnose what might be causing this issue and the best way to resolve it. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

@Tom_Ring is there any way for me to email the Support team and point them to this thread so that I don’t need to explain it all again and so that they can see the examples that I and others contributing to this discussion have already posted?

Hi @stevelawrence. Once you contact our support team and a support ticket is created, you will be able to email the support agent with a link to this thread. The email you send will populate in the support ticket and they can get up to speed with your concern.

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