Floodlight Cam Pro Light Came on but No Alert then Cam Not Detecting

Thank you so much meme & Tom_Ring.

To both, I read this post by Tom_Ring How it Works: Your Ring Device RSSI (Good vs Poor). RSSI for my camera in question is -57 (sufficient). Yet the other camera that has had no issue whatsoever has a RSSI of -65 (lowest end of ‘sufficient’) to -69 (critical). So it sounds like I should return the camera in question for a replacement?

To Tom-Ring, my deck is in the back yard and rather small (8 ft x 14 ft). I set my detecting area to roughly a 20 ft x 30 ft rectangle in hope to catch both deck and backyard. The backyard is on a grade so that outer 30-ft edge of the detecting area is at roughly the same level as the deck.

Thanks again.