How it Works: Your Ring Device RSSI (Good vs Poor)

All Ring Doorbells and security cameras work best with a strong wifi connection. Everyone’s wifi router is different, this is why it is important to know the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of your device. To learn more about what RSSI means check out this article in the Ring Help Center.

The RSSI reported in your app will help you know how strong the wifi signal connection is to your device. RSSI does not reflect the speed of yourwifi, it just helps with knowing if you have a strong wifi connection. The speed will depend on your router. See this Community article for how to check the wifi speeds by your device.

Where to Find Your Device’s RSSI

You can see your devices RSSI in the device health section of your Ring app. Open the Ring app > Select your desired device > Pick “Device Health” from the top row. See the images below for an example.

Device Health

RSSI Reading Meaning

-66 to -90 is critical and will likely cause a loss of functionality or be unable to maintain a usable connection the wifi altogether.

-65 to -41 is sufficient. Possible video issues if constantly at -60.

-40 or better is virtually no interference and a very strong signal.

Common Results of Poor RSSI

  • Poor RSSI Reading - If a router is an older model or is just not strong at broadcasting signal, the RSSI could be poor even though little interference exists between the router and device.
  • Battery Drain - your device battery may be draining quickly if your RSSI is between -70 or lower (Reminder RSSI is a negative number so -90 is lower than -70) because it is working hard to keep a constant connection.
  • Delayed Connection - when trying to open an event or Live View it may take longer to connect or possibly fail to connect.

Tips for -65 to -90

If you are having connectivity concerns and don’t have the best RSSI readings, a Chime Pro could help to strengthen the wifi signal to your device. Learn more about how a Chime Pro can help in this Ring Help Center article.

If speeds are not sufficient, but the router is right near the Ring device, the RSSI can certainly read a strong value. It only knows the signal strength, but it does not measure the resources otherwise. To measure that you will want to run a speed test, you can learn how here.