Deleting history

So when trying to delete individual videos if you accidentally open a video up while selecting it to delete on the history page and then go back the delete option is no longer there. You select all you want but no delete option. You have to leave that screen completely and go back and hit history. This is frustrating and time consuming.

Hey @Jc57. Thank you for detailing your concern! Our team is aware of this bug with the iOS app and is working on releasing a fix for this soon. Please ensure you keep your app up to date to get this update when it is pushed. In the meanwhile, you can avoid this Edit mode bug by using the app on an Android device if you have one. In addition, you can avoid this by ensuring you do not click a video and view it when in Edit mode, as returning back to your event history after viewing an event is the reason why this has the Delete All and Trash Can buttons disappear. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! :slight_smile:

In both the mobile app and the ipad app when you select Edit and choose videos you want to delete by using the circle next to the video it is very touchy. What happens alot of times is you click the radial button to select it, but it plays the video instead. When you close the video to go back to the edit screen, the Delete icon in the bottom left corner and the Deselect options are both gone forcing you to either exit the App or go back to the dashboard and start all over. So let’s say you’ve successfully selected 5 videos to delete, then you click the radial button on another one to select it for deletion but the video plays instead…you close the video and the delete icon has disappeared. It’s extremely frustrating.

This portion of the App design is poor. It’s extremely difficult to delete videos without “accidently” playing a video which forces you to start all over because the Delete icon is no longer available.