Hi I want to fit some external cameras that will allow me to zoom. Can you advise me on the very best cameras with zoom facility that will connect with my ring alarm system.
Many Thanks: Paul Robinson

Hey @Paul-Southpark. How would you like the cameras to zoom? All of our cameras can be zoomed in when viewing the Live View or a video in your history by enlarging the video with your fingers as you normally would to enlarge an image on your phone. Do you mean that you would like the camera to be permanently zoomed in? In addition, what kind of integration are you looking for it to have with your Ring Alarm?


I need to be able to read number plates of vehicles traveling past my house. The floodlight camera does not allow me to read the numbere plate even when i pinch and spread the video.

Thanks: Paul Robinson

@Paul-Southpark It’s possible that the license plate is not close enough to be legible. The Floodlight Cam does have the highest quality of camera quality that we offer at this time, so please ensure the car is close enough to have it read. Zooming in may distort the quality, as it’s simply zooming in on the image it has, and it does not enhance the quality when zooming.