Zoom Quit Working

Well, this last app update sucks! Pinch to zoom doesn’t work. The app in that aspect is completely non-responsive and if you try it too many times, the app freezes. I have a Note 9, up to date on everything, nothing matters. It no longer works. Coupling that with the live view not being triggered automatically when hitting the notification and not being able to connect to the live view most of the time and I’m really considering jumping ship here. Everything worked better a year ago than it does now.

Hi there, @nightsmusic! This definitely should not be happening. As you are using android, please check for any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app, and also ensure there is not a vpn enabled. I recommend also trying out the Rapid Ring app, which is less robust for quick processing of live view. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

This started after the latest update. The apps on my phone haven’t changed, they were there before the update and are still there now. I don’t use a VPN on my phone, only my laptop. I don’t want to use the Rapid Ring app. I want the features that are supposed to work on the full app, to work. The Pinch/Zoom problem is since this latest update. There’s no other explanation for it. Whatever was changed in this update is making a mess of the app.