Z Wave Smoke\CO Alarm that's hardwired and compatible with Ring? Halo brand?

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I’ve been searching around. I see there’s a First Alert that would work, except it’s battery operated.

Halo has one that would fit. Has anyone tested it? Any other make models that anyone has tested?

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Im not sure there’s a compatible hardwired version yet but you could try the listener. You would only need one as long as your smoke/co alarms are connected to each other

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Hi Dan. Thank you for this information. I considered that as well. Just seeing if there are options\products I didn’t consider. Please keep any ideas coming. Thank you again for your input. Cruzen2011

I just checked the work with ring section in their website and there’s no other smoke alarm listed.

Currently there are no other options that work within the ring ecosystem itself that are wired. The wireless combo detectors are reasonably priced and work great. I’ve had mine installed for almost five years (most with a previous alarm system.)

If you have a wired or wirless system that are interconnected (when one goes off they all do) you would just need one listner.

I recently purchased Ring and am looking for exactly what the OP is looking for. It’s been a while since this thread was active so figured I would ask again…Anyone know of a smoke alarm that can be hardwired and is Ring compatible? I need new fire alarms so not looking to purchase listners and alarms. If I end up having to go that route, how would I know if I need a listner for each alarm? Thanks in advance!

Hi @gilamonster44. We currently only offer wireless Smoke/Co alarms for the RIng Alarm system. If you were to use a hardwired system, the Ring Smoke and CO Listeners would be a great choice. The Listeners need to be positioned within 6 inches of the Smoke and CO alarm. For best results, 1 Listener per Smoke and CO alarm. Then you can custom name each Listener to the corresponding room/Smoke and CO alarm location. It is also important to note that in order for the Smoke and CO Listener to work, your Smoke and CO alarms must produce a temporal 3 and temporal 4 tone. I hope this helps!

Thanks for getting back to me. I think I am going to wait for a bit to see if a wired version becomes available. That way I don’t need listeners in addition to detectors.

Any idea if this type of device is in the works? If you don’t know, no worries. Just curious.



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