Z-Wave signal strength suddenly dropping?

I’ve been running the Ring Alarm for the better part of a year now, with no issues. Recently, I got an alert that by Back Door sensor went offline, which I figured was batteries. I replaced the batteries, but still seeing issues. What I’m noticing is that the range from my base station to the device seems to have dropped, and I’m now unable to receive updates on the state of the door form the next room. It’s only about 25’ form the base station, through a standard (non-brick) wall, and I’ve never had this issue before.

For reference, I also have the keypad right below the sensor, and the keypad has also been very slow to respond. When I bring either the sensor or keypad out of the laundry room into the kitchen, they immediately work normally. I haven’t made any changes structurally that might be interfering here.

I am also running a separate Z-Wave network for my Home Assistant setup, and the range on that has no issues reaching out to the garage, which is another 15’ further. I never had an issue with interference before, and nothing has changed on that setup that might affect Ring. I’ve been running it just as long as I’ve had the Ring Alarm setup.

Has anyone noticed an issue like this? The sensor and keypad in question are Gen2.

Hi @dm7500. This Help Center article has information on what can cause interference on z-wave devices. I would recommend adding a Ring Alarm Range Extender closer to the alarm pieces to see if it improves the connection and stops them from disconnecting. I hope this helps.