Z-wave or wifi

I recently set up a new system that include the base station, motion detectors, cameras, door sensors and a range extender. My understanding was that the various devices would communicate with the base station via Z-Wave, but my router shows them as being connected to my wifi network. Is this usual?

I also have the Ring security system integrated with Alexa if that has any bearing. I understand that Alex and the base station communicate over wifi, but not the component devices.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The alarm sensors communicate to the base station using z-wave. The cameras (& doorbell & chime) use wifi. The alarm base station can be ethernet wired or use wifi. Exception - there are also ethernet POE cameras (Elite version which I use - love them).

Thanks Brad. Any thoughts as to why mine have shown up on my wifi net, or how one goes about deleting them from wifi without disabling them?

So you’re seeing the Ring Alarm motion and contact sensors and the Z-Wave range extender on your WiFi network? Even with the Alexa integration (which I use as well) they shouldn’t appear there … there’s no WiFi radio in them.

Thanks, wind racer, that’s what I thought.

In any event, the problem is now solved as my IP installed a new modem/router as there were some other glitches unrelated to Ring. The app for the new modem doesn’t show the Ring components, so while I don’t know what caused the problem, it’s solved.

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