Your Guide to Understanding the Ring App Device Health

Here is a complete walkthrough for understanding the Ring App Device Health page, as well as a visual (video) tour of it below!

Accessing the Device Health page in the Ring App

While logged into the Ring App:

  • Open the Main Menu (three lines on the top left).
  • Tap Devices .
  • Select the device you want to access.
  • Tap the Device Health tile below the image of the device.

Reading the Device Health Page Details

Please note: the details on the Device Health page may vary depending on which Ring device(s) you have.


  • Power Source: What power source your device is using.
  • Battery Level: Displays the percentage of battery-power left.
    • For battery-powered Ring devices, you will also see Power Consumption Settings.
  • Solar Status: Confirm connection with your Solar Panel or Solar Charger.


  • Signal Strength: RSSI indicates the strength of the wifi signal being delivered to your device.
  • Network Name: The SSID or name of the wifi network your device is connected to.
  • Change Wifi Network: Used to change your Ring device’s connected network;

Device Details:

  • Product Name: Your Ring device model.
  • Last Health Check: The last time the information on this screen has been updated.
  • MAC Address: The network location of your Ring device. Often used for troubleshooting or advanced network settings (i.e. Assigning a static IP or changing port protocols).
  • Firmware: Displays the current version of your Ring device software. Learn more about updating the firmware on your Ring devices here.


  • Test Your Wifi
  • Troubleshoot Notifications for: IOS | Android
  • Ring System Status:
  • Device Health Report: Will open a help article to assist you in resolving an issue with your Ring device.

Take a tour with our experts on the Device Health page in your Ring app! :slight_smile:

Enjoy the tour? Here’s another video on optimizing your Ring device health.

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