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My dashboards within the ring app were not loading by default so i uninstalled the ring app.
Now i cannot get it back from the play store. Im using Samsung Galaxy and Android 8.

Any suggestions how i get ring back working on my phone?

You have to be using Android 9 or newer.

Thanks for the reply SolarEclipse.

However, i want ring support to respond here. I am curious to know why i was charged my annual charge in March without being informed i was paying for a non supported OS. I’ve been using this phone for years with my ring app and undoubtedly ring knew my OS along with others on Andriod v8 …yet i was charged my annual fee.

Ring support - can you please explain why you charged me my annual subscription when YOU changed the goal posts…not me??

It’s up to you to keep your devices up-to-date if you want to use them with Ring, not Ring.

No one here has access to your account information. You’ll have to call (
Be aware wait times are long.

Having the most updated version of your phone operating system is recommended when running the Ring App, and you will need to ensure it meets the minimum requirements to run the Ring App. You can visit our Help Center article here for more information on this. For Android phones, Android Version 9 or higher, with access to the Google Play Store, is required for the Ring App.

Just wanted to chime in here to ensure the right information is shared for any future neighbors that may come into this topic. Thank you, neighbors!

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