You will lose all videos IMMEDIATELY!


I have a yearly subscription for a video doorbell.

I will change to a better solution when this runs out in 8 months, which is what I have left on my current subscription.

I tried to end the subscription now and was hopping for information during the ending process, that I will keep my current service until this date in 8 months. But instead I get the message that i will lose all videos IMMEDIATELY! are you sure!?

If a company is so stupid that they have this approach, they could also be so stupid that the subscription ends immediately, even though I really hope that this is not the case, so I have to talk to them, trying to solve the issue.

Just want to make sure this is just their way of communicating/threatening their customers so we will think twice abount ending the subscription, but I still will have my remaining months with full service and availability.

Will I keep my videos and service my remaining months?

Hi @joggs. As long as you are subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan, your video will be saved for 60 days in our cloud storage. Information about the Ring Protect Plan can be found here. If there is not an active subscription, no videos will be saved and any videos that weren’t downloaded, will also be deleted. Info on how to save your video can be found here. You can have a Ring Protect Plan that is setup to not auto-renew and have no interruption to your current video storage. Let me know if you have anymore questions