Yet another pin issue

I got an Amazon refurbished Ring Doorbell 3.
QR codes are clean but “QR won’t scan correctly, but there’s another way to set up your device.”
It doesn’t have a pin on the device or under the QR in the paper setup guide.
None of the barcodes work either, with the message saying “Please scan the QR.”
Amazon won’t take the refund because it is just outside of their window, and customer service can’t do anything but offer a 30% discount after I went through that whole process.

Similar issues have been brought up here in the Ring Community forums, with the topics automatically closed based on time and not actual resolution.

Again, I reiterate, the neither QR will go through, there are no PINs, and the customer service line couldn’t do anything in the whole 40 minutes we spoke, even after giving them the MAC.

Supposedly, the Doorbell 3 has not reached it’s end-of-life support, which makes this all the more confusing and frustrating.

Hi @user51417. This isn’t the Ring experience we’d like you to have. Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook @Ring and one of our specialized agents will handle this concern for you.

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