Xfinity with pods choosing the 2.5 channel

I have 3 outdoor wired flood light cameras and 2 indoor mini cameras which have all worked with Xfinity wifi with 3 pods added. Suddenly, the 3 outdoor cameras were no longer connected to internet and I was unable to reconnect.

Ring solution was to add a ring chime pro, which I installed. It was able to connect to my internet but I am still unable to connect my three outdoor cameras to the ring chime pro.

My simple understanding is that the ring cameras need to connect to the 2.5ghz and I am unable to choose this band due to the pods that are installed which combine both the 2.5 and 5 under the same title; supposedly the device can choose the appropriate band on it’s own. Anyone else come across this problem and have a solution. Thanks

I have Xfinity router with 3 xFi pods -I have 4 floodlights cams and couple indoor cameras. The xFi pods are a mesh network and I wouldn’t put the Chime Pro in the mix. That would probably just cause other problems. I would unplug all of your pods, unplug the router then plug in router and then wait 5 minutes, then start plugging back in the pods one at a time in 5 minute increments. I’ve had issues with a pod or two going offline and causing weird problems in the network. restarting eveything fixed the problem for me.

The 2.5/5 Ghz merged network works just fine for me - all of the cameras attach to 2.5 and all of our laptops/computers/tablets attach at 5GHz.

Also, install the xFi mobile app and check out the Networks tab - it shows the status of each pod and the devices attached to it.

Did you have to make the SSID of the 2.4 GHz and the 5GHz different from each other?