Xfinity Wifi, are they actively blocking Ring System?

I canceled by cable TV / Home Security and upgraded my internet to a gig.

Then I purchased the Ring home secuirty. $100 for a year of monitoring is a good price.

The one issue I had is I can connect all the wireless devices to the Xfinity WIFI but they can’t connect to what every server they are trying to connect to.

I went round and round with both Ring and Xfinity. Ring said it was a firewall issue. Which would make sense. But I am a IT Professional and I know that the firewall on the Xfinity device was set to allow everything in. Wide open. So that wasnt’ the issue. Or at least what I have access to told me that it was.

I don’t know what made me thing this would have an affect but I still had my Netgear R8500 Router so I connected it to the Xfinity modem directly and then connected the Ring system to it via WIFI.

So now I have the Ring connected to the SSID of the Netgear and the outside interface of the Netgear connected to the Xfinity modem.

And it works. Makes absolutly no sence. Why would the Ring not work on the Xfinity Wifi but work just fine when it is masked behind my Netgear on its Wifi?

Unless Xfinity is activly blocking Ring when it is on its Wifi. Maybe it sees it now as a Netgear device and not a Ring device? I know when I look at my Xfinity modem it lists all connected devices. And none of the ring devices show up. Only the Netgear Wifi.

Just a thought.


I just bought a pair of stick up cams and lo and behold, ended here on this forum looking for ways to get the setup app to see my Xfinity gateway modem. Apparently there used to be a way to switch the modem to 2.4 from 5.0 ghz but no more. I’ve seen enough on the internet in the last few minutes to feel your “Xfinity is blocking Ring” theory is correct.

I wish Ring would say “Our products are not compatible with Xfinity Gateway modems” before I wasted my money on $200 worth of paper weights.

I returned a hard wired camera system in favor of these (or something like them) for way better picture quality and ease of installation.

Can Ring or anyone here recommend something that will work with Xfinity?

Hi neighbors. You should be able to setup your Ring products to an Xfinity gateway. Most times, a DMZ has to be configured in order for this setup to complete. You can find information on configuring a DMZ for your wifi network from Xfinity’s support here. If you need further assistance with this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I upgraded last year to their 1GB speed and just last week they told me my modem couldn’t handle the new speed (been working phenomenal…) so they sent me a new modem (white one- previous was black same kinda looking) funny enough all my “old” and no so old devices were connected to the 2.4 Ghs network suddenly now cannot connect to the new 2.4 Ghs network…so I called them yesterday and they said they new modem (white one) has a different protocol for the 2.4 network so unless the manufactures of my devices come up with a new firmware they’re most likely not going to connect… the 5.0 ghs works just fine…
So I have to order like you did a wireless repeater to see if that will do the trick…for all of these devices…
I will post here the results. Device coming next monday.

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Hi @skoiffman. That is very interesting news. Thank you for sharing and be sure to update us next week, once you’ve got your network dialed in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tom,

Do you know how to configure DMZ so it will allow ring on Xfinity?

The Xfinity Xfi Gateways do not play nice with other devices on wifi. In the interest of security (so they say) it drops devices it deems inactive or inappropriate. The only solution is not to use xfinity wifi for anything critical. I set up an access point (in bridge mode) ethernet wired to the gateway and using a different wifi ssid. No xfinity wifi used. That was the only reliable solution I could find. Note that this issue is not limited to Ring, I had that same issue with other devices by others. And, of course, my ring alarm base is connected using ethernet.

Type in the SEARCH XFINITY and see what I found out the REAL problem is!


Type in the SEARCH XFINITY and see what I found out is the REAL problem!