I just got off the Phone with the EXECUTIVE TEAM at XFINITY. They stated they have put out their new WHITE modems and that modem no longer talks with RING, basically.

They say it is RING’S fault? That RING has not put a fix in. And without RING putting a fix in for 2.4ghz, RIng Cams will frequently not work, or work for a bit then not work and the process just goes around in circles.

SOOOOOOOOO, we are ALL have basically useless cameras, doorbells etc because RING would put a FIX IN that works with XFINITYS new protocol for 2.4 GHZ, that RING USES.

SOOOOOOOOOO, they say that RING has been aware of this. If in fact that is true, then I want a FULL REFUND OF ALL 7 OF MY RING PRODUCTS ASAP!!

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BTW, I just called RING, and they guy said he sees they have posts on the board about it!.. I told him he is reading my post!.. Yet, I had just had read what I had posted!


Maybe thy need a new IT TEAM!

I see a LAWSUIT coming? SOON??!!

SO, ALL you XFINITY CUSTOMERS don’t call XFINITY call RING and tell them, fix, or give you your money for ALL your products!

If they can’t fix an issue on THEIR end with the BIGGEST Internet provider, then all products are useless.

When I said I wanted a refund, was told sorry, it’s over 30
days old! But to me, taking my monthly $, at this point, appears to be FRAUD??

UPDATE… XFINITY says the problem has been that people set up the Modems with one name and one password… they say you are suppose to setup one for 2.4ghz(ring and others) and one for 5.0ghz…but use the same password and same name…then broadcast both…

then when you set up RING, you set it up for the broadcasted 2.4ghz and RING will hook up to 2.4ghz, because you set it up to broadcast and connect that specific one, designating it as 2.4ghz …which id what RING needs to work!

SIMPLE RIGHT? Wellll, that IS how you could do it…but… read on

Problem is, their new Modems don’t permit that anymore. They blocked basically ALL access to make ANY changes in and the same thing with their XFINITY app… so, if you want it fixed, find a COMCAST store that has the Model Model “XB6” and get the old grey/black one black! … they ARE still some available.

Makes you wonder if someone/others is trying to push THEIR security cameras??

Now hen you go to XFINITY, your wireless page, they now say they do everything automatically. In other words, their Modems will now default to what is needed at the time…WELL IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RING ANYMORE… Because it goes to 5.0ghz, MOST of the time and you get no signal, or you might here and their at best.


As someone(My Wife) who was a PROJECT MANAGER FOR AND WITH “IT” and The Executives, and Legal and others… she concurred, it takes RINGS “IT Department” to make a simple call to XFINITY IT Department to write a script together, test it, and implement it. That is usually less then a week script.

But if RING wants to lose Customers to someone else, well then don’t connect with XFINITY


I hope you don’t miss the boat on this EASY PROCESS!.. I have been an advocate ever since SHARK-TANK denied you and now RING ate the Sharks, attempted humor. In fact, they have addressed it as one of their biggest mistakes passing on RING.

RING? I think it is time you now show some other Company/Companies, you ARE the best and will not been forced to lose business, as you definitely have been from all the chatter on your board.



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Seems unlikely that Ring will just reach out to a competitor based on your post. You are one user. Until there are thousands that are affected because of Comcast’s garbage setup then nothing will change.
Though I use Comcast for my ISP I use my own equipment and I’d recommend others do the same. That way they aren’t at the mercy of Comcast’s anti-competitive behavior.


I only suggested that because each is pointing the finger at the other… as RING is losing current and more so future business until this is fixed…let alone wasted calls to customer service to RING from people about this issue.

But, YES, you are right, buy your own equipment…although it is not cheap.

Although, after only a few months the equipment “paid for itself” as I no longer paid Comcast’s excessive modem fee. Of course, folks will have to decide if they want to go that route as sometimes if you call Comcast support and they see you don’t have one of their modems, they just claim whatever issue you are having is the fault of the modem and then say bye. So, in some cases, you must be willing to solve your own issues.

Well, I think if you have currently tried to buy a Moden/router o recent, the initial cost is $400 - $800 …not sure how it pays for itself in a few months…but again, yes, you are right, getting your own modem is easier…BUTTTTTTTTT, Xfinity will not help you with much at all if you have your own Moden…they will always says it is YOUR Modem, hence YOUR problem.

So, as the saying goes, it is a double edged sword.

I would strongly consider purchasing your own modem or using theirs for “modem only” and not WiFi. You’re better off setting up a Mesh WiFi instead. Many brands that work great like DLink, TP-Link or even Amazon’s Eero.

Devices that support both 2.4 and 5ghz will select the best one available. Ring and many devices may just select the band and stay on it unless the WiFi router ‘pushes’ them towards the other band. Of course, many Ring devices only support 2.4ghz only so this would be a moot point.

The jury is out there regarding using a separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz SSID. There are pros and cons with each one, but typically it’s easier to manage just one and let the devices and routers do their magic.

My .02…

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You had a good two pennies for all! KUDOS

But, as a IT PRO myself, sad thing is, most people that aren’t to tech savvy will have their hands full.

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Hey @cceflo. Thank you for taking the time to detail your concern here. I wanted to shed some light on the situation after addressing your concern with my internal teams here. First of all, we’re sorry to hear you’re unable to manually connect to Live View while your Ring devices are connected to your router. We have identified an issue relating to Ring device Live View and certain router models, including the one that you have. Please rest assured that our team is working with the affected router vendors to investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can reserve an IP address in the settings of the networking equipment for any Ring device that is having trouble with connecting to Live View. You may need to reach out to your network equipment provider to learn more about how to do that. You can find guidance from Xfinity on how to connect Ring devices to your router here: Additional Steps to Connect Some Third-Party Devices to Your WiFi Network - Xfinity Support. Changing routers might also help. For example, we do not think that this Live View issue is present with the Technicolor CGM4331COM router, which is also part of Xfinity’s XB7 series. Alternatively, setting up a Chime Pro to bridge the connection between the router and the Ring device may also be an effective solution.

We appreciate your patience while we work through this in the meantime and apologize for any confusion you may have gotten from either parties along the way. We hope this clears this up for you. One of our Neighbor Advocates can follow up with you. Please let me know if you’d like this, and I will follow up with you in a DM about that.

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