WRT3200ACM router WDS network and Ring doorbell

I have a WDS setup using 3 WDS stations and 1 WDS AP (all are WRT3200ACM routers running the latest dd-wrt firmware). 1 of my WDS stations is also configured with a 2.4 GHz standard AP which the Ring doorbell connects to. I continue to get intermittent video to my smartphone but the motion and ring notifications come through all the time. It turns out that everytime the doorbell rings or gives a motion detection my entire network goes down for about 2 minutes and sometimes longer. By the time the network comes back up, whoever rang the doorbell or triggered the motion detection is long gone. This makes the doorbell video feature essentially useless. It shouldn’t be an interference or range issue since the doorbell is within 10 feet of the router (36 dB S/N - 82% signal quality). The connection between the WDS station and the WDS AP shows 42 dB S/N on 5GHz (80% signal quality) and there’s roughly 30 feet between the 2 devices that are on separate floors. Anyway, does anyone have some idea as to why this happens?

Good question @eelstrebor! If the network is seeing downtime during an event, this could be indicative of a network setting or bandwidth/ signal limitation. As it sounds like you are using an up to date router both software and hardware-wise, it’ll be best to check the settings to ensure nothing is working against your network’s streaming performance.

The signal strength certainly sounds sufficient, but RSSI is not the only factor when considering speeds, packet delivery, and bandwidth. I recommend testing this with your network operating on 2.4 GHz only, as well as trying on a guest network which is 2.4 GHz only, to see if the connection improves. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: