Wrong security screws included with 3-pack Stick Up Cam + Ceiling Mount

I got a 3-pack of Stick Up Cams w/ included ceiling mounts from Costco, however the security screws included with the bundled ceiling mounts are incorrect (they seem to be for the Video Doorbell product).

Ring customer support is so bad they can’t even figure out what screw it is despite me providing exact product information and photographs.

How can I get Ring to fix their mistake? Or do I just need to return my cameras back to Costco?

Returning to Costco within their return window seems like the best option.
The easy return policy Costco has is one reason that I buy many electronics through them.

For reference Ring customer service stated (on 1/4/2021) that the only thing they could do was send me replacement ceiling mounts (in BLACK) for my cameras. For some unknown reason they said they cannot send replacement ceiling mounts (in WHITE) despite selling them on ring.com.

Instead they sent me an entirely different part, which are security screws for yet another different Ring product.

Tried to talk to Ring support again on 1/10/2022, however the call disconnected after spending 40 minutes talking to the representative.

I think the best option is just to buy new mounts from Amazon, take the correct screws, and return them with the incorrect screws.

If you are somehow reading this and haven’t bought Ring video cameras then I strongly suggest looking elsewhere.