Wrong notification from Neighborhood

why am I getting neighborhood notification when I set the to silent sound and turned them off. And these notifications are not even in my neighborhood! I want to sleep!!
Reinstall did not help, I have only 1 address in the app.emphasized text

Hi @Test12. The Notification settings can be found in the Neighbors app by selecting the Menu > Control Settings > Public Safety (Manage) and adjust you notifications from there. You can also completely shut them off by going into your Phone settings and turning off notification for the Neighbors app. I hope this helps.

Have you had any success getting rid of these incorrect notifications? I have been having the same issue since I purchased the ring app two months ago. I get notifications of a neighborhood halfway across the country from me, but everything in the app and on my account is correct. Support had me remove and re-add my address, delete and reinstall the app, hard reset, but nothing has helped. I keep being told the “backend team” is looking into it with no solution. The only way I’ve found to make them stop is to turn off Ring notifications completely from my phone, but then I am not notified when someone is at my door or rings my doorbell.

Hi @user266. I’m sorry to hear that troubleshooting hasn’t resolved this notification concern for you so far. I would recommend following up with our support team if this persists, as they can properly log this feedback and look into it further than we can on the Community, as it’s a neighbor-to-neighbor forum. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.