Would battery Camera + Solar Panel work in Canadian Winter

Hi guys, I am having a hard time deciding which Ring camera to buy, and really appreciate some advice.

Not being very handy, I would prefer having the battery-version cameras for easier installation, but the question is… can the camera battery tolerate the Canadian winter? I read an article saying the battery may not charge well below 32°F (0°C). On the other hand, I have a friend having the Arlo camera + solar panel and he said it is working fine in the winter. Does it mean Ring Spolight + Solar Panel should work as well? My front door is facing south and it should have no issues getting some sunlight.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance!

We also live in Canada and installed the battery camera before we headed south for 3 months. It worked great until we had a power outage two days after we left. Here is the problem, apparently after a power outage you have to actually be onsite to reset the camera, which it seems strange as the whole purpose of a security system is that is mostly used when you are away. Tech support said there is nothing they can do. The base station reconnected no problem so why not this camera. Not very happy. Hope this helps, do not know if the new powered camera would be better.

Thanks Tewitfield for your reply. I guess I would be better just getting the wired cameras instead.

sorry may be a stupid but why would you need to reset your battery camera after the power outage… would the battery cameras still be running during the outage?

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That is exactly what I thought, it does not make sense, and Ring are no help, that is why we hot the battery. I believe there is a new to Canada wired, that has just come out it is 89.00 cad at Best Buy. Really annoyed about the whole thing. Hope this helps

i live in canada, just purchase ring camera, instruction says it needs at least 1 hr of sunlight. ,so if you mount it on the roof indirection of the sun.you should have no problem. you can buy a battery which i did, last up to 9mo. bought a back up. too

Thanks autumncolors1 for your reply.

Other than the sunlight, I am more worried about our winter cold temperature…

I read a review on amazon saying the battery will stop working if the temperature is under 0 degree… how is the battery camera working in your case? is it still working under 0?


I have two ring solar panels pigtailed together (per camera) and this year is the first year they’re not working in a Michigan winter (mostly cloudy days throughout the season). I have this setup on two cameras and both are struggling. My lesson for the future is to only buy the plug in version.