Worthless person Detection

These floodlight cams are worthless for anything but lights. I have 2 floodlight pro “not” security cams that can not detect people but every cat, raccoon, butterfly and spider i get a person detection smart alert on my phone, watch and alexa, at least 10 a night front/back. But, if i get a delivery person walking up my walkway, through my courtyard and plopping a package at my door, it records as just motion which i do not want as a smart alert since that should be the animals not people . I can water my courtyard, front and back, my neighbors’ kids like to wave there hands in front of the camera to see if they can cone in my backyard and play, records as motion, NOT people. I have spent hours with the slowest most incompetent tech support, nothing. They said do a reset on the camera, so had to hire electrician, as they are hardwired and I can’t reach to scan code on back of camera,no improvement. Any hope of fixing, or just a Ring piece of total garbage, fraudulently claiming are security cams,when in reality only lights with no hope of fixing.

Hi @Unhappyringer. Smart Alerts are an optional feature to help you refine your motion alerts further from the basic settings. This may work well for some neighbors based on their environment and the position and angle of their Ring Camera, while it doesn’t work as well for other neighbors. If someone’s Camera is mounted very high up and angled downward, it’s not going to be able to distinguish a person from an animal as well as a Camera mounted around 7-9 feet high facing forwards. It may be worth toggling Smart Alerts off and adjusting the basic motion settings to see if that works better for your setup.

One troubleshooting step you can take without having to access the Camera physically is to perform a reboot. The reboot option is located at the bottom of the Device Health page in the Ring app, and a reboot takes only a few minutes. This can usually clear up any performance issues or errors. If it doesn’t, you can always follow up with our support team for further assistance.

Lately, I also find the Floodligh Cams person detection to be faulty. I have the first gen Floodlight Cams.

In the beginning (a few years ago), it was TERRIBLE. It triggered on everything, as you described. Then I would say up until last year, it seemed to work quite well.

But these past few months, I’ve noticed that it’s general motion detection seemed off. Actually missing animals that it used to detect (and I wanted it to detect). And the other day, it did not identify me as a person 2 out of the 6 times that I walked in front of it slowly in daylight.

There are some other posts about this but not all in one place for us to better track how manh people are experiencing this.

My new Stick Up Cams are a complete joke. Several times a day, it identifies birds, rabbits, and cats are “Person,” but seem to miss me more than 50% of the time.

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