Works at times

When I first put this ring pro in it worked now it works sometimes when the UPS delivers no Notification I go out to get the package and it notifies me ?? Someone is walking across the street it notifies me the mail man comes nothing!! What is going on with this thing?

Hey @vett! Your Ring Pro should certainly be catching this motion. The best method of fine tuning motion is through trial and error with altering settings. Here are some best practices I recommend doing with motion settings for your Doorbell Pro:

  • Utilizing all 3 customizable zones, rather than one large zone. This will emphasize motion through a plane. Please ensure zones do not overlap.
  • Alter sensitivity and test to see what setting will work best for the environment.
  • Check out People Only Mode to see if this improves detection accuracy. If this is already toggled on, disabling could also help to improve motion.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ok so I’m sitting here the UPS truck pulls in the driveway, nothing, he walks up to the door, nothing, I go out to get the package it notifies me WTF! People walking across the street it notifies me ???

do I need to be an engineer to make this thing work right ??