working from home - until Modes is rolled out

Dear Community,

I’m new here and this might have been answered before. I ust bought 4 stickup cams for security in my house. I work from home and go out frequently, so it was expecting to have an easy one-button or geo-fenced way to enable/disable the alerts when I’m home or away… just like the Nest app.

It looks like the mode will answer this but it’a not rolled out yet - any visibility on this?

until then, is the only option to snooze everything every 4 hours (and unsnooze when going out), or disabling manually each cam / and re-enabling manually when going out?


I chatted with Ring support last night for an hour about modes - they said it would be rolled out today. We’ll see…

hello Support & the community,

The Modes feature has been rolled out? anybody got it? Sure I haven’t and having to snooze or manually disable inside cameras is driving me insane, thinking of reselling everything (4 brand new sticky cams anyone?) and pay the price to go to Nest.

I just got stick up cams and have been reading about this camera modes feature that was supposed to roll out in nov or dec. I still don’t see it. Is it releases? What version of the app is it in?

Dear Neighbours and Ring team,

Still no news for me on the rollout of the Modes feature, and that’s 1 month after “rolled out today”.

Any update anyone? on my phones the app is version 3.21.1 last updated 20-dec-19 (Android 7.1 and Android 9.1), and it seems to be the latest one :frowning:


Hey neighbors! We appreciate your continued involvement and anticipation for our slow rollout of our new Modes feature. We’re excited to bring this new element to all of our neighbors by the end of 2020 and value your patience while you wait for the update. Please make sure to always keep your Ring app up to date, continue to keep us in the know when you receive this feature, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!