Wont connect to extender

I have a tp-link Eap225 extender that my spot light cam pro will recognize but not connect to!? Just the constant red/blue flashing lights. I have no problem with my other name brand cameras or anything else connecting to my extender! Tried explaining to customer service, they couldn’t help, but sent me an INDOOR extender that does absolutely nothing to extend my wifi OUTDOORS for my OUTDOOR camera!? Why will this not connect to my tp-link extender?

Hi @Weesel72. This is the Ring Community, a neighbor-to-neighbor forum where other neighbors, I, or other members of my team can offer basic troubleshooting, tips, and tricks for certain situations. For your concern, I recommend that you continue working with our support team, and since you have worked with them before for the same concern, you should be able to ask to work with our advanced technical support team to further investigate.