Won’t pair!

I have a new ring alarm, the base station will not pair or reset all I’m getting is a solid blue ring. Can anyone help?

Hi there, @Totallynandos! Has the Base Station itself completed it’s setup, and is it is finished with any updates per the Ring app?

After you’ve connected the Alarm Base Station, it’s best to pair one device at a time, as trying to pair multiple might interfere with one another. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Did you find a way? I have same problem with base unit! It has a solid blue light and when I press the pair button, nothing changes

Hey @MellyBeeCyprus. As Marley mentioned, the troubleshooting steps you perform will depend on what part of the setup you are at. This Help Center article here has some great tips and tricks for your Base Station. I hope this helps!