Woeful battery life

We have had the new Ring 4 doorbell for under a month now but the Battery will not last a full day. What am I doing wrong!
I’ve got things set either off or at minimal drainage with just the doorbell ring facility activated. The wifi signal is fine. The doorbell has only been rung twice today and there has been no great movement around it but yet here I am again having to recharge the 12% capacity battery after only 14 hours use. Getting frustrated with it now.
We also have the “chime” and any thoughts and insight would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Though I never encountered battery draining to your extent, with my Doorbell, and “tweaking” my motion and notification settings for the Doorbell drastically decreased its battery life. When I went back in and un-tweaked, and was more judicious at the settings I changed I got much better battery life.
For you it will likely be a balance. Figure out only the zones that you want monitored. Maybe you have a bush or a tree that moves in the wind that wakes up the doorbell because of the motion. If you can exclude those areas from the motion zones might help. Again, not saying you have that, but just giving the you the idea of looking in your settings and maybe tuning them back a notch or 2 and see if battery life increases.

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