With regards to Apple Macs - what is the latest version of the Ring App?

I ask this question as Vesrion 2.5.0 resides on my computer, theres a 2.5.1 via the computer App store - that fails to download/install. However, when you go to https://ring.com/gettheapp with a view to pick up the latest version its comes out as 2.4.2. See attached screen shot showing App store version, whats put in the my download from the ring.com link and the version number indicated in the About Ring banner.

Thanks In Advance

Hey @ozone123. Thank you so much for bringing this up! If you can, please completely remove the Ring app from your computer, restart you computer, and then reinstall the Ring app from the App Store. Once reinstalled, let me know if you are still stuck on 2.5.0, or if you have the most recent 2.5.1 update!