Wiring/setup of a Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen

Hello, having trouble setting up my Ring doorbell in a new house. Electrician wired the Ring as instructed to an interior doorbell. App set up seems to go smoothly until the app says the Ring is not powered, depsite the fact it is wired to the interior doorbell. Also, the Ring app on my phone responds fine when the bell is pushed, however, the interior doorbell chime doesnt ring. My electrician is able to manually get the interior doorbell to ring so that doesnt seem to be an issue. I also tried connected a Ring Chimeā€¦it seems to connect and set up via the app, but just like the doorbell, does not respond when the Ring bell is pushed. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi there, @jclarkseaver! The best next step will be to check out Chime Compatibility list to ensure the chime kit being used is compatible. There is also a setting in the Ring app, under Device Settings > In-home Chime type, which allows you to select the chime type being used (mechanical/ digital). This might depend on the Doorbell model as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: