Wiring Ring Stick Up Camera To Existing Electrical Wires

Hi, i currently have a ring stick up camera on the outside of the my property. Its currently battery powered but i would like to change it over to wired. There is already a 3 core electrical wire local to it for an old camera system which runs through trunking along the side of the house and into a uk wall plug. Due to the distance i wouldnt be able to use the power cable ring sells. Would it be possible to attached an end to the 3 core cable and use that to power it? If so, what size barrel does the stick up camera 3rd gen use for power?


Hi @Spectron2k. The Stick Up Cam Battery isn’t designed to be hardwired to existing electrical wiring, and we recommend using only the compatible Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter from our website. We also advise you to not dismantle your device or the cables in any way, as it may void your warranty. You can learn more about your device’s warranty here. If you have any further questions about the installation of your device, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.