Wiring my Ring video to existing Friedland D3230

Looking to install a Ring Video doorbell but unsure of the wiring. The D3230 is listed as compatible, anyone wired a D3230 before? I only see wires going to 1 and 3, should these be bridged? do I leave as is and connect Ring as is? so many questions :slight_smile:

Take wire 3, disconnect it, and wire it through the bypass cable (use one wago connector to join together, then bare end on the other side) to the terminal above it.

@user3064 Can you please show how did your final wiring look after getting it done in a photo? I have exact same chime and not confident that I understand it correctly. Thanks

This is a slightly different chime, but the wiring is the same concept. You are doing this on the left side, taking the wire from 3 and putting it through the bypass, and connecting it back to the screw above 3.

Mine ended up looking (and working) like this, hope this helps!

I feel that it’d probably work without the “bypass” which doesn’t seem to be doing anything (perhaps someone else can illuminate me!).

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