Wiring into existing bell

I’m starting to get buyer’s remorse…
In researching before I purchased a Ring 4 doorbell, I got the distinct impression that I could wire into my existing doorbell to (a) charge the battery and decrease frequency of maintenance, and (b) utilize the interior bell, so others in the house might be aware of a visitor even if they are not glued to a smartphone.
In less than a day after wiring my battery charge shows 93%. That seems like a pretty rapid decrease.
The interior bell does not ring; subsequent reading of this community now suggests to me that I need to buy yet another device to act as my “bell”. Is that accurate?
The instructions to wire it in seemed pretty simple, and the app indicates that it is hardwired, so I have no concerns that it might not be connected properly.

It all depends on the various settings you have in how fast your battery drains. For example the more motions you have the faster the charge is used. You can tweak your various settings (it’s what I had to do) until you get the right combination that works for you.
Typically for you existing chime it depends on if it is supported and if its wired up correctly. Fortunately mine did, but I also have the Chime which the doorbell rings on as well. I’m no electrician so I couldn’t tell you about your particular wiring. You might search for the model of your particular bell and see if anything turns up.

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Hi @steve1111. Regarding the battery life, @SolarEclipse shared some great information as it may take a bit of trial and error to find what settings work best for you. As for the chime, I’d recommend checking the Chime Kit Compatibility List to see if the chime kit you have in your home is compatible with the Video Doorbell 4. If it’s not listed as compatible, you may need to swap the chime kit with one that is compatible.