Wiring diagram without chime kit

How can I wire the Video Doorbell by using just a low voltage transformer and no chime kit?

Hi @1Jgranicke. This Help Center article here will explain how to hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell directly to transformer. Depending on the model doorbell you have, you may need to add a wirewound resister. I hope this helps!

I saw the wiring diagram for ring door bell using the 25 ohm resistor but it didn’t show what to do with the module that would go on the chime kit. I have the Ring Pro.

Hi there, @1Jgranicke! When wiring a Video Doorbell Pro, a resistor is not needed. The Pro Power Kit V2 has a bypass setting that allows for an easy installation. Check out our help center article for steps on installing this way. Remember to also set your chime type to “none” in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: