Wires to short

Ok, this is what I’m trying to do. I have a 2nd generation ring doorbell and the wires that come outside of my house for the doorbell are way too short. So unless I want to tear up a big hole in my wall and I have to solder wires, I’m going to have to hook it up wirelessly. My question is is there any kind of adapter or any some sort of extension that I can put so that my current doorbell system would ring on the inside the house? That way I don’t have to buy a chime from ring. The current doorbell system is nice and loud and you can hear it through the whole house. I do believe that is a mechanical doorbell not digital. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Hi @gonzales7727. I’m not sure how short your wires are, but we do have wire extensions in ourSpare Parts Kit that might be of help. The wired connections use alligator type clips to attach to your doorbell and wire nut connectors for your existing wires. I hope this information helps!

I have the same issue with short wires and needed to order the extensions to attach to ring. There were no extensions in the original order. I am concerned that there will not be enough room when the electrical nuts are used to have the ring lay flat in the wall bracket. Any suggestions appreciated.