Wires Spotlight Cam IR stopped working - Second camera to do this

First time it happened, I called Ring support and was told that I needed to replace the camera. I have the Gen1 support which should cover the camera, but I was told that I added the camera before I had Gen1 support.

Second camera and current situation, I asked the same question, but this time they told me my camera was not covered because I had an interruption in service. They are referring to the time my credit card was stolen, and I didn’t update the card in the renewal for Ring. The billing failed because the card was reported stolen, and I updated a day later… they say that still counts.

When I called support, she asked for a screen print, but never even tried to diagnos the issue once she received a screen print of the dark camera.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi @desmondlewissmith. Although I’m not a Ring support agent, and I can’t help you with account specific information like your Ring Protect Plan status, I can assist you in troubleshooting your device. When you say the IR stopped working, does that mean your view is completely black? Can you still hear audio from the video? When you loook at the cam at night, do you see small red LED lights activating? Does your Spotlight still come on? Do you have HDR or Color Night Vision turned on? These can be found in the Video settings, under the Device Settings menu.