Wireless Stick Up Cams - Horrible Disconnection Problem

I spent 4500 dollars on a whole house Ring system. Its been great, at least until i bought 6 new stick up cams (another 600 dollars) and 6 new batters (almost 200). The stick up cams are constantly losing connection. Almost all my cameras are wireless (flood lights, outside stick up cams), and door Ringbells or all wireless, i have only 1 wired camera. none of them lose connection ever.

But these new ones, are constantly saying in device health “we are good, nothing to see here” but you cannot connect or stream. I have to reboot them (take out the batterya nd put it back in) and then they came back (most of the time). I have had them like 3 days and I bought them because we are selling our home and I wanted to protect my investment.

They have been down 80% of the time. Completely useless. They say they are updated (firmware), they say connected, their connection is rock solid (green), my router sees them no problem, etc etc etc but yet… they dont work.

Complete waste of money. No user should have to spend hours resetting cameras and I never had too before. The worst issue i had before was that the cameras would not use their scheduling feature properly, I had to literally escalate to the BBB before someone would contact me, after that some big shot did, and I worked with them to make the code changes and test it before they released it… Was great.

This not so much.

It is impossible to “fix” this remotely, thats the whole point of the cameras, but to even attempt to “reconnect” them you gotta be next to them to connect to that temp wifi… Silly… figure out how to enable you to reboot them remotely , or change the wifi (yes there is a way) while your in the app.

Anyhoo. if anyone else has found a solution other than chucking them in the trash, Id lolve to hear it…

Oh yes.

  1. I turned off my mesh network and separated out my 2.4 and 5g to try to help

  2. Connected them to my 2.4 only

  3. disabled 20/40 at the same time

  4. unplugged my Mesh extenders… (which sucks simply because i paid to use them)

  5. I have 3 Ring extenders in the house (separate from the mesh extenders)

  6. reooted my router (10 times)

Nothing has help keep them connected and running 24/7


Hey @jellybeans. I want to thank you for taking the time to go into detail and let us know in the Community what has been happening for you. Your feedback is valued and appreciated and I have passed this onto the appropriate team.

For your concern, have you tried reaching out to our support team about this? I know you said you’ve had to reach out in the past, but since it seems you may have a lot of devices and multiple factors that could be involved in your situation, it may be best to have one of our experts take a deeper look into this on your personal account. Additionally, since you’ve already done a bulk of the troubleshooting, it would be best to get this advanced type of support involved.

If you continue to seek help from the neighbors in the Community, could you please go into detail about the RSSI for the new cameras you have installed? It’s important to keep in mind that for best performance from the devices, the Cams and Doorbells require 2 Mbps upload/download speed, so it would also be good to have you perform a speed test for your home network and let us know what the results of the speed test are.

On top of that information, please let us know the number of devices you have, so other neighbors can get a better understanding of how much Ring equipment you have in your home. Any screenshots of error messages you see when loading your Live View or anything of this nature could be helpful as well!

Just happened that one of my four stick up battery cams did the exact same thing descibed.

I started at this morning and thats the last heath check. like poster rssi says good at -55 and online but no live veiw and motion since it started and there has bee plenty. all other cams still working so it is not my network and all four worked fine till this. like poster i have no idea why we cant do a remote reset since i read support can do that. I will go out in little to get the came and reset it.

Hi Chelsea,

I’m not real interrested in talking again with Support. It has never gone well, no case numbers, no tracking, repeating myself 100 times. nah.

There are many people posting the same issue.

But I will answer a few of you questions, but I want to make sure its clear, none of my other cameras have an issue, and many of them have way way worse RSSI ratings than my new cameras.

  1. I have 3 Ring Chime Pro extenders (outside of my mech extenders, which all cover more than 2500-5K square feet.

  2. I have never had an issue with any of the cameras, still don’t. And what is ironic is the RSSI for my Garage flood light is 68, because I removed one of my mesh extenders because that is one of the trouble shooting steps. And guess what… it works amazing. My home is in Orlando, I am in Gainesville (2.5 hour drive) and it works fine to live view… Same with all my other cameras.

  3. I have a 1 gig up and down fiber in my home, my router is a 10gig router, with 2.4 and 5G. I do NOT have mesh turned on, i have different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5G. I have no guest network and all my other ring devices see my network and work just fine (base, extenders, door / windows sensors etc). My home is 4300 SQF and I have a full home mech to support it.(although I dont need it as my router covers it all on its own).

  4. As I bought 4 new cameras here are the RSSI values for them (note: they all fail the same way. its almost like they went to sleep). They stop picking up motion and stop recording, stop sending notifications etc

BIG Note:… these are RSSI’s without any mesh extenders. There are 3 chimes spread out through-out the house, but those are different. It would only get better when I enable my mesh network

(New Battery Cam Stickups)

-Moms Rooms == -19 (yes -19)… yet it fails constantly

-Kitchen == -37

-Living Room == 44

-Hallway == -41

Now, before we start down the “oh well its close to 40 it sucks… cause thats ridiculous”… Lets look at some of my other cameras that never ever give me an issue.

–Outdoor Garage Flood Light == -68 (yeap cruddy -68, yet never ever fails…)

–Outdoor AC Flood Light == -48 (again higher than all my new cameras… but never fails).

–Front Door Ring Bell == -41 (never fails).

My Wifi tests for upload and download are (this is for the kitchen one, worse of the results) 36Mbps download, 99Mbps upload (yes my upload is always faster than my download even on my wired). The speeds averaged 36-100Mbps download and 100Mpbs ish upload on all the cameras.

That is testing from my house to Atlanta Georgia… no idea why it needed to leave my state… but whatever. that is even more proof…

One other thing I want to note, as it lends to why i say it feels they go to sleep… Sometimes. if i just keep on hitting them with requests to see live view… they just wake up. Now this is when I am at home, on my network, or at home (and disconnected from wifi) or remotely. There is no rhyme or reason to it… and then other times it just “magically” fixes itself.

For NOW, even if remotely I could reboot it and see if i reconnects it would help allot.


well went out in the cold wind to get the camera and reset it about 4 hours ago and now works.

All cams are stick up battery. Three are a month old and the one i had to reset is only week old. Cross my figers its stays working.

You are lucky

My wife went and reset the 4 cameras… in 1 hour they all stopped working again.

Bought them all from Amazong at the same time… There is definitely a huge firmware bug and its making them useless.

Calling tech support is a waste of time, because they have a “script” and that script requires them to treat you like your stupid and haven’t tried everything. Then they still want you to do it anyway…

Bah no thanks.

@jellybeans Thank you so much for the incredibly detailed response, it really does put your situation more into perspective. You’ve done quite a bit to resolve this and I thank you for exhausting all of these steps. I appreciate your patience with this concern throughout your time dealing with it as well. While you’ve certainly covered all the proper troubleshooting steps for this, there are additional and more advanced solutions we might be able to offer.

While the wifi signal strength, speeds, and hardware sounds sufficient, there might be settings or network features to explore further. I would recommend checking out your router settings in reference to our Ring Help Center Article here. Great call testing your mobile device and in different areas! I recommend also disabling bluetooth, VPN, or any apps that might affect app operation or live view connection. You can learn more about the apps that may be conflicting with your mobile device here if you have an Android phone.

If the above suggestions do not resolve your concerns, or you believe more advanced support is needed, our support team can certainly understand this and will ensure to get you to the right team. If our first level of support cannot seem to isolate the concern, we do have a second level of agents that can speak with you and isolate this further, and you can request to speak to them upon calling in or chatting. I do always recommend to call in, as this will expedite your concern and get you to the advanced support as needed, especially if you have called in about this before.

Additionally, I wanted to add a note that in reference to the remote rebooting you both have interest in, I have passed on this feedback to my advanced team. We are always looking into options to improve the device’s performance and make your life easier, and I hope we are able to bring this feature up sooner than later as I know it will benefit lots of our neighbors.

Since all the other wifi in my home as well as Ring cameras work, i have no intentino of continually disabling features that enhance my home. I already disconnected 1200 in mesh extenders just to make they aren’t the issue.

My biggest problem is always the lack of “Hey ALL your other cameras work… just not these new ones)… All the powered ones never have issues”

Its always lets continue to diagnose your network. Now if someone said… hey wow yeah it seems the cameras have an issue because why only them and not the others one, would you help us debug… yeah i could do that.

As of now these are just trash and a waste of allot of money. Ill go the BBB route again and or call the person i had to work with before.

Really silly.

Horrible service.

Just called tech support. spent 5 minutes and they guy didnt understand ANYTHING i was saying.

He is like whats your email address, said its really simple *example (dave@tomas.com) and i slowly spelled it…

He said ok, so its steve@zyepdekakd.com, im like wtf … and hung up. I mean he was so far off on every single thing. I explained i bought new cameras and what was going on.

Ok, Sir so you bought new batteries for your device and the batteries dont work… WTF I didnt say that!!!

For the record, I’m having exactly the same issue, which i described in detail here - https://community.ring.com/t5/Security-Cams/stickup-cams-what-mesh-wifi-hardware-will-they-work-on/m-p/29600 . EXTREMELY frustrating.

I had 3 stick up cams that worked fine since I purchased them last year from Costco. I had some blind spots around my home, so I purchased another 3 pack from Costco yesterday. Today I set them up around the house. Each one connected fine. 1hr later, I got no notifications/alerts and couldn’t live stream from ANY of my Ring cams. The health on all of them is fine, connection is strong and even the alarm works on each camera. They’re just not picking up any motion, nor can I live stream any of them! Is there a limit to how many wireless Ring cams can be connected to one network? Is 6 too many? Pretty frustrated at this point! All settings are fine. Yes, I know how to setup my cams too. At this point, I’ll probably return these cams to Costco and hardwire real security cams in, with a DVR!

Sound like your internet doesn’t have enough speed or there is another issue with it.
Too many devices on a service can impact everything. If everything worked fine before, then adding the additional cams might be too much for your system to handle. You could try using the guest wifi on your router or prioritizing the cams through your router.
I have 62 wireless devices in my house now and many hardwired. But I have gigabyte FiOS internet and 2 separate routers.

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I have a similar problem, have two stick up cams in Our office in different rooms (5ft from each other). One cam has randomly disconnected from the WiFi and I cannot reconnect remotely! Battery is 61% and The other cam is working fine. Now I have to get on a train and travel for 2 hours so I can push a little reset button? Please tell me there’s another way to just reconnect the WiFi (which must be stored in the device)? I’ve ordered more cameras but now I’m wondering if I have to go through the, no doubt, less than straightforward refund process?

I am also having a similiar issue. Recently purchased a Ring Stick Up Cam with a Ring Solar Panel. Wifi connection is good. It lasts for a day or 2 at a time and then disconnects. When this happens I can fix the issue by getting up on a ladder, take the cam down. I then remove the battery, put it back in and go through the setup procedure to reconnect to the wifi.

One time I was able to fix the issue simply by removing the plug to the solar panel and then reconnecting it. Note that the device appears to have plenty of power (according to the Device Health dislayed in the Ring App it is always above 80%.

I was considering buying a few more cameras, but if this is how they work, I think I may be going with another company for my cameras. I can’t keep taking the camera down every few days to re-boot the device.

This is close to the exact issue I am having. Have internet through fiber gateway then running 2gb&5g wifi bridges to separate router going to 2 cams and doorbell. Everything says green and good connection yet I am out here at least once a day rebooting stick up cams. Starting to think maybe this is part of their buiness model to buy even more of ring products to get things to work. Approaching $700 so far and it’s getting very exhausting. Send help