Wireless spotlight cams fogging up at night

I have the exact same issue. I bought 6 ring cameras and I WAS recommending them to everyone in my Community Watch Group however with this fogging issue, it does absolutely ZERO good when you have criminal activity happening all the time and you are completely blind sitting like a lame duck unable to see anything going on.

What can we do about this Ring? I’m sure none of us want to have to return the products and go with other surveillance equipment not having the problem, so your help would be appreciated.


I have the same issues, mine is usually weather related. Also, the quality of my video has gone way down over the last several months, not sure if it’s related.

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I am having the same problem with one of my cameras fogging up at night. It’s basically useless at night.


I am about to buy a Battery powered Spotlight camera ,but before I do ,I live in the UK anyone here from the UK and do you have the misting problem?

I wonder if this could be the problem, these cameras have an IP rating of 55,


First Digit - Protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits.

Second Digit - Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

If the cameras let in moisture would a silicone jacket as sold by Amazon cure the problem?

I really like the Ring family of security products and I’m just looking for justfication to buy a Spotlight camera.

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I had an issue with my spotlight camera in the UK where it was misting on the outside, then one day it seemed to be on the inside so Ring replaced it for me.

I now have the issue happening again on the outside and am looking at a fix. I have 2 other external ring cameras and 1 doorbell and none of them have this issue.

Im considering trying some rain-x on the camera. You can get rain-x for plastics too so should be safe to use on the camera.

Anyone know if the lense cover on the cam is plastic or glass?

My parents have ring and their cameras fog/ ice over terribly in the cold. I have 4 arlo cameras and are clear as a bell in the current 19 degree weather. What’s the difference?


Jim, I’m also here in the UK and a newbie - just got my Spotlight cams a week ago.

I also thought that they could be susceptible to moisture etc so I’ve bought a couple of those silicone covers off Amazon which have arrived today - I’ll put them on tomorrow…

I’m also thinking of getting some different mounts as, at the height I have to put the camera it doesn’t look/feel like the supplied mounts are very substantial…

How have you got on with them?


Hi Kt1966,

I have’nt bought any yet because of the misting up problems.

I just wanted to find out from other UK users to see if the misting problem was a common problem here.


Ok, well I’ll put them on and see what’s what.

With all of this rain they are certainly going to be well tested…


5 am. What is it? I know it’s the daily garbage truck going by, but I can’t see it.

9 am. Crystal clear.

C’mon, Ring… give us a real solution!


Hey neighbors! We actually have a similar thread about this concern from our Doorbells board. A lot of other neighbors in the Community have found some solutions that may also work for y’all. Please check them out inthis thread here.

The link doesn’t seem to work?

Please try the link one more time! I fixed it for you. Thank you! :smiley_cat:

I am having the same issue with my spotlight cam fogging up.


The other chat has 11 pages of disgruntled customers saying the so-called solution - use anti-fog spray - does not work. I too know that to be true as I have tried it. This should not be down to your customers to solve - it is a major issue.


I was hoping to find some type of reliable answer here but I guess not. Does Ring techs (not just admin) even check these message boards?

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It’s a bit annoying isn’t it.

I’m hoping for a solution as well. One of my newish cameras is completely fogged in the morning till about 11. Thinking of returning it to Costco

I just put a spotlight cam up , under the eaves and it is so foggy at night, it’s useless.

Just put up a Ring wireless spotlight camera 2 days ago. Woke up this morning and the camera is useless. After reading through the link I didn’t see a solution. Ring support, can you please tell me and others how to specifically fix this problem?

Ok. Here’s a maybe. Having read everything on fora and web I rejected trying anti - fog etc, but I came across a YouTube video of a guy trying out recommended anti fog approaches on the inside of his car. The only one that worked was - toothpaste. So I have tried smearing a thin film of toothpaste on (licked finger, dab of paste, rubbed on very gently as it is abrasive) and then polishing it off. Trouble is I do not have a control test, as since I did it the weather has not been as severe, but it does look to me like the cameras I treated have a sharper and clearer image at night than those I did not treat ( although caveats around pointing in different directions etc). So I am not saying this is a solution, but possibly worth trying for the desperate…at your own risk !