Wireless Ring Video doorbell NOT recording

Hi. My doorbell hasn’t been working right and last night after 8:46 pm it stopped recording all together. I have no feed-history. It’s very frustrating. I checked all settings (which haven’t changed since the time it was working)
Does anyone know how to get this to consistently work?

Hi @BellaIsabel. This could be due to the connection that your Doorbell has to your wifi network. What is the RSSI for your Doorbell and is there anything that could cause wifi interference? I would also check the Device Health in the Ring app to confirm that the Doorbell is still online. Let me know if this works!

RSSI -48? can i change that?
i always change battery at 29% not sure why but it alerts me then and i change it right now it’s 89%.

Hi @BellaIsabel. An RSSI of -48 is sufficient. Try rebooting your internet router to see if that will aid in the Doorbell recording.