Wireless cam keeps going offline

Wireless camera pro keeps going offline for no reason. Why is this?

Getting a good WiFi connection?
On mine I had to have it fairly close (~20’) to my WiFi access point.

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Mine keeps dropping out for no reason and the RSSI reading is 50. Do not know why, and not being able to reset remotely is ridiculous as it defeats the reason for having it. You cannot press the button on top of the camera if you are not near it. We have visiting hedgehogs every night I suppose i will have to try and train one of them to climb up and press the reset button on the top. This might sound silly but it is just as daft as not being able to do a remote reset when you are away. Surely it cannot be described as a safety camera if you have to be near it all the time.
Ps The Hedgehogs are cute.

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Same issue, I have doorbell that is 20 feet from my router, AND I have an extender on the other side of the house, and the RSSI is -51 and it is currently offline… Hitting “reconnect to wifi” wants me to go over to the doorbell and manually hit the reset button. Why?? This is useless if you aren’t home. The other cameras that have gone out are RSSI -68, and -54. The cameras that haven’t gone out (yet) are -73, -50, and -73. If this was simply a connection issue, you would expect those -73 cameras to have gone out before the -51 or -54… I have a 1250 sqft house, it’s not huge, this shouldn’t be an issue. They told me to get a chime pro. I am seeing many people on this forum with similar issues, they must have updated something and don’t want to admit to customers that there is an issue. Very disappointing. Multiple devices not connecting, no live view

Having the same issue to the point that I’m actually considering returning some of the additional cameras… No sense if they all just say “Activating live view…” endlessly.

Overall? Disappointed in both service and product.

Having the same issues here. Its so frustrating. Door cam has been offline more than on since august and we have excellent dual band wifi and chimes plus extender gear.