Wired video doorbell pro 2 blurry/skips

Ring NEEDS to provide an update to this problem, seems like a lot of people are experiencing this. Recently my wired Pro 2 video doorbell has developed this nasty issue….that is the first 2 seconds or so of the video is blurry, video stops, focus becomes perfect, video stops again and then everything is fine. Yes, I’ve done everything……
WiFi speed to doorbell is fine!
Rebooted WiFi router/gateway.
Did the factory reset at the doorbell.
Did a rest using the Ring app.
Removed the apps from tablet and phone…reinstalled.
Voltage to Ring doorbell is spot on.
Talking with customer support was terrible!!! They provided no help and said my doorbell Pro 2 was bad, really? Not even 2 years old. I don’t buy it, they just want me to buy a new video doorbell. And trying to understand them was even worse.
Here’s a novel idea……come out with an update to solve this problem.

Hi @user76061. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have the best experience with calling into our support team. Make sure both the wifi signal and the upload/download speeds are sufficient at the installation location of your Doorbell. One other thing I’d suggest is to wipe off the Doorbell lens with a dry microfiber cloth, just to ensure there are no dirt or debris on there affecting the focus of the video.

Aside from those suggestions, you’ve already completed all the troubleshooting steps I would have recommended. For further support, you can get in touch with our social support team by sending a private message on Facebook @Ring with a few details on your concern.