Wired stick up cams back up battery levels

I wave 3 wired stick up cams , 3rd generation, they all have back up batteries in them, but does anyone know how to tell what the battery levels are ? I just had to call Ring about a problem I was having and they advised me that my batteries were at critical level of 1%, however, I’ve had no notification of that and there’s nowhere in device health that I can see the battery level, does anyone know how you can check these levels when they are wired devices?

Hi @Sjb1. Do you have a Stick Up Cam 2nd generation or a Stick Up Cam 3rd generation? You can find which model of Stick Up Cam you have on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Since the Stick Up Cam is wired and receiving power via the plug-in cable, it does not display the battery percentage on the Device Health page. If you unplugged the Camera, it should then be powered off the battery as long as the battery is charged.