Wired Stick Up Cam Won't Reconnect

For a couple of months, after checking overnight history, we were getting a message on our dashboard about having a low connection. When checking the cam’s rssi it was usually in the low to mid-40s. There were no issues with any other myriad devices we have on our network and our internet plan easily covers everything with no lag on our end so we thought it must be on Ring’s end. This cam is 20ft away from a Chime Pro extender. Rebooting Ring and the router (including the modem for good measure) does nothing. It’s only a year old so we’re still using all the original cables and everything looks normal physically. BUT, when trying to connect to my network we’re getting crazy lights. No blue light but slow flashing green 3-4 times, then sometimes a white/yellow light and even a random red light, then back to flashing green. We’ve checked our network password and it all looks good. Can someone help guide me in the right direction, please? We also have a Floodlight Cam that is 30ft away from the Chime Pro and we have no problems with it.

Hi there, @Blaze! Thank you for providing all the steps you’ve tried in great detail. The next best step will be to connect your Stick Up Camera directly to the router wifi, eliminating the Chime Pro, and placing the Stick Up Camera near the router. While the RSSI sounds good, placing your Camera nearest the router is a great way to rule out distance, interference, and other network related factors. Please also ensure you are using the 2.4 Ghz wifi connection.

You can chance the network connection or reconnect your Ring device, by following the steps in this help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: