Wired spotlight cam won’t attach to bracket

I can’t get the camera to attach to the bracket that I screwed into wall. Tried adjusting screws on bottom of camera but won’t snap into place

Hey @Docs. Do you have the same bracket as shown in this video here? If you still have the screws in the back of your Spotlight Cam Wired, they should be able to fit into the holes, slightly slide down and thus locking into place. If you do not have this mount or it’s still not locking in, please give our support team a call here.

Yes that is the same bracket and I can snap the camera onto it before mounting the bracket. Once I screw it into the wall, I can’t get the camera to slide down and lock in.

@Docs Could you share pictures of how you have the mounting bracket installed on your home?

@Docs Thank you for the pictures! Could you try unscrewing the screws and then putting them back in? It looks like for a couple of them that they are out slightly, which could be pushing the Spotlight Cam out as well from sliding on easily, as the screws look a little “bumped” out that could be preventing it. Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Re: Wired spotlight cam won’t attach to bracket