Wired spotlight cam lights activate during daylight hours

A couple of months ago, I began to notice my lights on the spotlight cams I have were turning on during the daytime. I have tried everything I could think of in the settings to stop this, as it uses electricity unnecessarily, and puts hours on my lights causing premature failure, eventually.
I don’t use the Mode Settings, and have deleted Mode and Light Schedules. I unlinked my devices from all other devices and from the Ring Chime I use to extend my network Wi-Fi. All the cams are set to use Motion Detection and Motion Alerts. I have set motion sensitivity to MAX. Smart Alerts are on and set to record only for person detection. I deleted the motion schedules for the cameras in an attempt to simplify things for them.
In Device Settings, Light Settings, the MOTION-ACTIVATED LIGHTS mode is selected. Motion Zones in Lights is set to MAX, timer to 3 minutes. LIGHT BRIGHTNESS is set to MAX. I tried to stop the daylight activation of the lights by using Light Schedules. Didn’t work, so I deleted them.
I’ve had one phone conversation with a person who spoke English as a second language. They suggested some of the things I’d already done, but it hasn’t stopped the problem, and now I feel like the options on my cameras that I paid to use, are unavailable to me. My Ring cameras have lost value in my opinion.
In the Light Settings, at the Motion-Activated mode selection, it states that selecting this mode will "Turn on the lights when camera detects motion AT NIGHT (emphasis mine).
Any suggestions?

Hey there, @twogrnthmbs. It looks like you’ve covered all the right steps here. Check out our Community post update about Camera Light Schedules, specifically the part about negative light schedules.

The negative Light Schedule will allow you to schedule the times and days you want your camera’s lights to stay off. Meaning they will not turn on even when your device senses motion. There are options for lights turning on as well, but by default the standard motion triggered lights feature should help you at night, or outside the “off” schedule. :slight_smile: