Wired Ring Pro 2 doorbell with NICOR EDC1120WH1

I can’t get power to my doorbell. I saw the other posts about the power supply not being used with the NICOR PRCP2 models but can’t find anything on the NICOR EDC1120WH1. It also doesn’t appear on the compatibile/incompatibile lists.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @wmatt140. What type of transformer do you have connected? Do you have your Pro Power Kit connected? Although this is not on the compatibility list, it still may not be compatible.

I think the transformer is built in to the unit. I have the pro power kit but there is no where to connect it. Hopefully this picture uploads.

Hi @wmatt140. It’s a bit difficult to discern the power specifications of your transformer based on that picture, and it’s important for the transformer to provide sufficient power. The Pro Power Kit is also required in most cases. In this case, I’d suggesting you follow up with our support team so they can look into this more closely. Your concern may need to be escalated since it involves wiring.