Wired Ring Flood Cam Night Vision Does Not Work

Purchased a new wired Ring floodlight camera, I’ve had another one for years and it works great in addition to my wired Ring doorbell. Installed the new Ring flood (Pro) and it was defective (told by customer service) as the night vision would not work, everything was black and white, when I switched on the light background bushes turned purple ish color. Took it down, returned to Home Depot, purchased another one, installed it, same problem. Purchased a third one directly from Ring and retuned the second defective unit to Home Depot. This one has same problem. Night vision is toggled on. All reset options have been tried in each device, nothing helps. This has got to be a known issue, what is being done to fix the problem? If it can’t be fixed this is a VERY expensive floodlight that gives you no legible video at night. I’m getting tired of returning, replacing and installing the same darn Ring camera. This last time I opted for the Plus instead of the Pro, same problem, very frustrating!

Hi @user74221. Do you have Color Night Vision enabled? Color Night Vision is located in your Device Settings. Toggling this setting on or off will make certain things appear different colors. Let me know if this makes a difference.